LC“Engineering center “Barentch – region” accomplishes the whole range of the required works connected with building, modernization and reconstruction of municipal (city), industrial water cleaning and water preparing facilities. The correctness of building and engineering design is highly responsible for the level of future productivity and reliability of the equipment.




The correct connection and start of the equipment can avoid the fall of the system as a result of some assembly, start up and adjustment mistakes. The start of the equipment requires an individual approach in every single case. It is connected with uniqueness and specific characteristics of water composition for this very object. The goal is an effective work of the facilities and equipment as well as achieving of the outcome results discussed beforehand with the customer.




Involvement of the specialists who are good at water cleaning and wastewater disposal equipment, water preparing in the process of installation supervision and start-up helps not only to save money that can be spend on dissemble of not-working equipment, diagnostic and reconstruction but also will give a guarantee of maximal efficiency and will help to reduce operation costs.