Technical-economical project basis (TEP) is a key document for making an investment decision on the project. That is why “Engineering center “Barentch – region” considers all the possible factors which can influence the process of cleaning, wastewater disposal and its further usage when making TEP. We guarantee to provide our customer with full and clear picture of fulfillment and further usage of the project that makes the process of making an investment decision much easier. We are ready to protect and prove our conclusions in front of investment banks and other interested sides.

In the most general sense TEP is a document that has all the necessary information, analyses and calculations, which enable to make a decision whether it is rational or irrational to invest in the project of wastewater disposal or water supply.

Sometimes people mistake a business plan and a TEP, sometimes they are even considered to be different names for the same document but it is not so. TEP does not focus on strategic moments, but focuses on exact calculations, detailed analyses and well-thought out presentation of the information.

Technical-economical project basis gives an opportunity to choose the best and the most effective technical, economical and organizational solutions to start-up new or to modernize and reconstruct now functioning objects.

In general, the ready TEP reflects the questions of modernization and creating of new cleaning facilities for cleaning and wastewater disposal, water preparing, explaining of the choice of this or that technology, building solutions, equipment, materials, staff, calculations of economical efficiency and achieving profitability.

TEP development requires a lot of calculations and detailed analyses.

LC“Engineering center “Barentch – region” is able to complete this work on a quality level. The combination of the professionals working in different spheres is a great competitive advantage of our enterprise and it enables us to solve tasks of any difficulty with maximum effectiveness. The team of professional engineers and high quality economists evaluate the project from all the perspectives and gives the required practical and economical outcome. This approach gives us an opportunity to develop technical and economical parameters of the future cleaning facilities with maximum precision thanks to what you don’t need to make any big changes in the project in the future.

Services of LC “Engineering center “Barentch – region” in TEP development include detailed description of the technology and process of cleaning and wastewater disposal, water preparing, the evaluation of the project effectiveness, script analyses and risk analyses of the investment project.

All the project documentation is developed by our specialists in accordance with the requirements of the branch technical-economical rules and regulations for architectural planning, constructional and engineering solutions in accordance with environmental requirements, safety and energy efficiency. Some special requirements for building of cleaning and wastewater disposal facilities are talked out separately. The biggest problem when the project is being implemented is that TEP is not done right – the lack of information and low level of specification in the ready TEP. This leads to overspending and changing of time limits, when the object is to be finished and put in commission.

LC “Engineering center “Barentch – region” excludes such negative consequences. The structure of TEP offered by our enterprise considers all modern requirements for TEP making by the biggest Russian and international companies, banks and all the specifications if governmental regulation in the sphere for which a project is made. The biggest evidence of this is the stable growth of the demand for this service from the customers.




LC “Engineering center “Barentch – region” offers services to conduct research of the pollution of the wastewaters, water for civil and production usage. To exclude a chance to make any incorrect technological decisions based on incorrect or false basic data before our company starts the development the project of water cleaning facilities or the project of their modernization and reconstruction, the specialists of our enterprise conduct a though research in order to choose the best methods and equipment for wastewater disposal or water supply so it leads to the required quality by the most rational way.

The complex research is conducted from the place of the pollution appearing and up to the place where it goes into environment, including the definition of the optimal direction of pollution flow and its analyses on the way out from the main source.

In the process of research and experiment our specialists maintain the following tasks:

  • - working out of the selection methods and generalization of tests in order to create a model of the quality composition, which will be good for cleaning, the definition of the quality of modeling tests.
  • - experimental research of different methods of processing with definition of their efficiency and effectiveness of their implementation.
  • - testing of the equipment functioning to define its efficiency and productivity
  • - selection of reagents and their proportions
  • - examination of the cleaning equipment now functioning
  • - recommendations on cleaning technologies

Equipment and methodic facilities of the laboratory are continually renewed what allows to increase its capability and the efficiency level of the analyses conducted, to adjust to the specific direction of the research as well as to follow the latest methods of analyzing.




LC “Engineering center “Barentch – region” accomplishes the whole complex of works, connected with the design of cleaning facilities for the objects of any complexity, including the function as the main designing engineer.

- design of the cleaning facilities for water disposal and wastewater liquidation

- design of the cleaning facilities for water supply

- design of the cleaning facilities for the specially dangerous objects in energy sphere (HPP, APS, TPS)

- design of the cleaning facilities for complex polluted runoff

- design of the cleaning facilities for runoffs in solid waste landfills The main principle while design is choosing the optimal solution for:

- minimization capital and operational costs

- resource and energy saving

- reliability and efficiency

- easy to assembly, operate and maintain

- waste free

While designing engineering systems for cleaning and liquidation of wastewaters, water preparing our enterprise uses the most modern materials and equipment standard as well as made for a special task. All the documentation satisfies the requirements of the specification documents (State Standards, Uniform Building Code)

The design includes a few stages:

1. examination of the area where the equipment is to be placed

2. examination of present equipment

3. examination of the operation conditions

4. coordination of the technical task and delivery of the initial data

5. working out of technical solutions and their coordination with the Customer

6. working out of designing documentation and its delivery to the Customer

7. passing of the state expertise (if necessary)

8. making of the working documentation and its delivery to the Customer

9. supervision of the object building The list of the design sections accomplishing: - Section

1. Concept note - Section

2. The scheme of the planning organization of the land lot - Section

3. Architectural solutions - Section

4. Constructional and space planning solutions - Section

5. Data about engineering equipment, nets of engineering technical supply, the list of engineering technical actions, the content of technological solutions

- Subsection “Energy supply” system

- Subsection “Water disposal” system

- Subsection “Water supply” system

- Subsection “Technological solutions”

- Section 6. The project of building organization

- Section 7. The list of labor safety actions

- Section 8. The list of environment protection actions.

All the sections of the project (working) documentation are done in the volume, stated by the Decree of the Russian Federation Government 87 from 16th February 2008.




The expertise of the project documentation is an evaluation its correspondence to the requirements of the Law of the Russian Federation, building norms, rules and regulations. The expertise of the project documentation is conducted by the authorized governmental body or an organization, authorized to conduct non-state expertise of the project documentation and (or) non-state expertise of the results of engineering solutions.

The expertise of the project documentation (including the non-state one) is a very important stage in safety of the object being created. The expertise controls whether city-planning, pre-design and design documentation satisfy the initial data, technical conditions and requirements for design and building. The expertise also controls that the project documentation ensures security, constructional reliability and steadiness of the created objects, high quality of the architectural solutions, rational usage of the natural resources as well as material, electric and financial resources.

The expertise of the project documentation to establish authentication:

- by technical requirements (including sanitary and epidemiological, ecology requirements, requirements of the fire safety and others)

- by the results of engineering solutions

- by the stated (chosen for calculation, confirmed) costing standard

- by the architectural requirements and city-planning plan for a land lot

- national standards and standards of the organization

- the designing task

In the articles 11 and 12 of the Federal law from 23 November 1995 number 174 FL “On Ecological Expertise” there is a list of the objects for state expertise on the federal level/ The projects developed for such objects are to be given for the State Expertise in Federal Service for Supervision on Natural Resources Usage.

If the project documentation is to be given for the State Expertise the positive conclusion from the State Expertise in Federal Service for Supervision on Natural Resources Usage is to be given to FAI “Glavgosexpertise” together with the engineering design documentation.