The saving of the natural environment is one of the most important problems nowadays. The development of the agriculture, manufacturing, extensive usage of sea transport lead to the necessity to avoid negative influence of the wastewaters on environment. The specific methods must be use because of the variety of characteristics, compositions and wastes of the enterprises as well as constructions for local, preliminary, complete cleaning and liquidation of the wastewaters, water preparing.

Today the condition of equipments and constructions in the cities and at enterprises usually does not satisfy ecological requirements. There is no unified cleaning technology at the moment. The quality and quantity characteristics of pollutions even at the enterprises of the same type depend on many factors.

This is the reason why the development of progressive technologies for water disposal and water supply in every single case as well as usage and development of the modern equipment is so important.

The main direction of the activity of LC “Engineering center “Barentch – region” is the development, production and implementation of the modern highly effective technologies, equipment for cleaning and wastewater disposal, water preparing at the sites of municipal organizations and industrial enterprises.

Our enterprise will choose the technological solutions for you depending on your requirements to water cleaning.


  • Membrane processes
  • using roll reverse-osmotic nanofiltration and ultrafiltration elements produced by LC “RM Nanotech”, tubular membrane by LC STC“Vladipor” , hollow fibre ultra- and microfiltration membrane elements of the leading foreign producers.

  • ion-exchanged technologies
  • Using ion-exchanged materials of the leading foreign producers including selective deleting of the ions of the heavy metals in the special chelate ion-exchanged tars.

  • The technology of separation of suspension and emulsion
  • Such as assertion, for instance in thin-layer settler, coalescence, division in the field of centrifugal force and so on.

  • Reagent cleaning of the natural and waste waters
  • Coagulation and flocculation using modern reagents and equipment, local and foreign.

  • Reagent cleaning of the wastewaters from heavy metals
  • Using special organo-sulphide complex building reagents

  • Filtration processes
  • - On made-up filters using traditional filtering loadings (quartz sand and antacid) as well as progressive catalytic loadings in the process of ferro deleting, manganese, fluorine and arsenic.

  • Processes of absorption
  • Using traditional activated carbon as well as new perspective sorption materials.

  • Technologies of vacuum evaporation
  • Creating drainless cleaning technologies they are developing and implement in cooperation with leading producers of evaporation equipment in Russia.