Our company represents on the market services for the design of water treatment systems and water treatment for industrial or household use. Our company is on the market of such a sphere of services for quite a long time, and our employees excel at all stages of design, as well as on technical support and installation of this system equipment.
In order to get a project of a water treatment system, preparation for its installation work and adjustment of an already installed device, a large number of firms, enterprises, and factories engaged in various activities come to our services.
The main reasons for their treatment to us are:
  1. Our professionals have already implemented a lot of water purification projects for a variety of food industry companies, for multi-family housing and utility buildings and for cottage communities.
  2. We use only the most advanced equipment and technology.
  3. We give a guarantee on our work.
  4. Our company provides its services in many Russian cities and is ready for flights.
  5. From the construction of a small project, to the design of large technological solutions.
The most demanded direction in the work of our company is industrial water treatment. The spectrum for the application of technologies depends on the quality of the initial water, on the constituent elements of the received water and on the purposes for which it will be used.
A special attitude and a separate approach to each customer is the most important principle of cooperation for us. Our employee, who is responsible for working with customers and customers, will carry out a primary inspection of the target object, and he will collect the detailed information necessary to fulfill the terms of reference and will be able to offer the client the most optimal solutions. The employee accompanies the project from the beginning of the work to the commissioning of the installed equipment.
Our department for the latest technology developments will offer the most optimal option for your company, and if it is necessary, it will carry out all the design work.
Designing each time individually, because the purification of water resources for the chemical industry and food industry enterprises is completely different, because the water used by these enterprises differs significantly in composition. For the design of water treatment plants, our company uses worldwide practice, own experience and the latest trends in water treatment. Our employees have tremendous experience in the development of large-scale complexes for water purification, using the latest equipment.
Technological processes that we use in water purification for industry:
  1. traditional clarifying stage;
  2. the finest filtering;
  3. performance of sorption;
  4. conducting coagulation by contact method;
  5. reverse-axis systems for salt level adjustment;
  6. combined action filters intended for industry;
  7. practical installations for ozone-based cleaning;
  8. aqueous treatment with reagents;
  9. mobile stations for industrial enterprises;
One of the main activities of our company is water treatment at industrial enterprises. For each specific case, we select the preparation method and the necessary settings. Each customer has completely different initial water and the customer has different requirements for the quality of the purified water. We will offer real projects for you, which will be economical and most effective. Our highly skilled workers easily solve any problem, despite the fact that industrial water treatment is a very complicated procedure.
In the arsenal of our company there are a number of absolutely unique technologies that contribute to the most effective solution of the water treatment tasks.
These include:
  • system for pressure and non-pressure aeration;
  • deferrization system;
  • various systems for water softening;
  • pumping stations;
  • reverse osmosis systems;
  • system for complex purification of water;
  • cabinets for managing the water treatment system;
  • cabinets for controlling the pumping station;
  • stations for salt separation and others.
Also in our water treatment systems, our company uses classical types of purification equipment: filtration equipment (sedimentary, for coal sorption), pumping stations and deironing stations, softening systems, for fine water purification, ultraviolet sterilizers, units for uniform dosage of reagents and means of pH correction, and others.
Is it necessary to design water treatment? Contact our company at the contact addresses posted on the site!