Advanced and developing enterprises need to consume water resources in significant amounts. For long-term operation of equipment and long-term operation of the production facilities, high-quality water is used, corresponding or exceeding the standard values ​​established by sanitary-epidemiological authorities. Specialized equipment, installed by our specialists, helps to transform production water into the required quality standards.
The cost of industrial improvement of water resources indicators depends on the individual requirements of the customer and the spheres of its application, as well as on the initial data of the water itself.

Which manufacturers use industrial preparation?

Enterprises that are aimed at producing competing products and extending the working life and operation of the equipment are installing a cleaning equipment for the conversion of water streams.
Arrangement of production by stations for improving the quality characteristics of water is necessary for enterprises of different fields of activity. The need for clean water in the household and household is also of no small importance.
Enterprises with energy, food, chemical orientation necessarily install cleaning facilities.
The use of industrial water treatment helps to achieve the main objectives:
  • water conditioning;
  • the possibility of re-use of water in production;
  • protection of external parts of materials used in production;
  • repressive cooling of the equipment used.

Pricing criteria for the design of water treatment systems

The initial stage of determining the final cost is a complete analysis of the enterprise. Analyzing the activities, the structure of the object is the estimate of the financial investments of the enterprise taking into account the necessary equipment and installation.
Let's list the main factors that form the price for water treatment:
  • specialized analysis of available water resources;
  • the need for the use of process equipment for cleaning operations in the event of harmful liquids entering;
  • location and installation of equipment for water treatment;
  • further service maintenance.
Having determined all the factors required for industrial water treatment, the type of equipment required is determined:
  • skimmers;
  • impermeable settling tanks for removing harmful impurities;
  • Flotators (combinational, impeller, injection);
  • block, container modules;
  • equipment for disinfection of water treatment systems;
  • Stranders with activated and granular loading;
  • injection, non-pressure and industrial hydrocyclones.
Water treatment of industrial direction should be carried out by specialists with experience. Engineers of JSC Barents-Region Information Center will prepare a draft of the future cleaning system, build stations or re-build existing purification systems in accordance with modern technologies.
Effective water treatment plants are installed at any enterprise according to established standards, regardless of the state of the resource base used. The used cleaning equipment is selected as accurately as possible, which improves the entire process of water treatment in the production. An additional advantage, which is inherent in high-quality water treatment, is a decrease in wear and tear on production equipment.
Turning to our engineers for a comprehensive solution of the tasks for water preparation, the customer saves financial costs. Professionals will develop a future project taking into account all requirements. The project prescribes all work processes, price, list of applied systems to improve the state of water resources. We will recommend the best solutions for productive cleaning.
Having established modern and cost-effective mechanisms for industrial water treatment at our enterprise, it is possible to achieve an increase in the quality of the products produced, to extend the operation of all equipment and to take the leading positions in the market.